Lets work together 

Your Red Circle Journey  You talk, we listen then plan.     

Your financial future is important, not just to you but to us as well. 
It’s important that we get it right, and that you can feel confident in what we’re doing. That’s why we take the time to sit down and talk to you on a face to face basis, get to know you and what you want and undertake a detailed review that helps ensure that you can meet your financial goals. 
Step One: Understanding you. 
What do you want to achieve in life? 
That’s where we begin our journey together – by looking at where it is that you want to get to. 
We’ll talk with one another so that we can understand you and what you want in life for both you and your family. As we listen on, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your personal and financial dreams, goals and ambitions. 
Step Two: Where you are now. 
What’s your current situation? 
As with any journey in life, it’s crucial to understand where you’re setting off from – and what with. 
With your help, we’ll find out all about your current financial arrangements as we undertake a full and detailed check upon them. We’ll also closely analyse any risks that you might be open to so that we can form a risk profile and work out how to deal with them. 
Step Three: Preparing your pathway. 
How can we move you forwards? 
With all the information we’ve gained so far, we can start to evaluate your existing financial plans and, from this analysis, we can compare them with those of other providers to get an idea of how to get your journey off to the best possible start. 
We’ll also see if your existing plan matches your risk profile to ascertain whether you’re taking too much risk, or not enough. 
Step Four: Mapping your financial journey. 
What have we learned so far? How are we going to use this information? 
Armed with the fruits of our research we will tailor a bespoke personal plan around you and your financial priorities. This will include a detailed cashflow plan too. We then sit and discuss it with you in detail so that you can be sure that it will work as you would wish. At this meeting we tell you what our recommendations are while clarifying the costs, risks and tax implications. 
Step Five: Taking positive steps. 
Are you ready to move forwards for the better? 
With your blessing, we’ll start to put the plan into action. It’s a painless process: we take away the stress of paperwork and administration and deal with the providers so you don’t have to. We bring the plan to life and you’ll be on the way to achieving your financial goals and dreams. 
Step Six: Continuing the journey in the right direction. 
The journey goes on – and we’re here to make sure it’s always a smooth one. 
Because life changes, we make sure that your plan is robust enough to cope and change too. We’ll keep in touch both with you and the wider world so that we can review your plan against changes in taxation, legislation and your personal situation. 
That way you can be confident in us to keep your financial plan on track, both now and for the long-term. 
At Red Circle we keep in touch 
Both with you and with the world at large. We will meet with you as necessary to discuss and explain the performance of you investments and pensions, and we continually test and benchmark your plans against the wider market. If changes are needed, you can be certain that you will hear from us. 
Are you ready to change things for the better? 
Red Circle Financial Planning. Financial solutions tailored to you. 
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