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Our clients have been kind enough to share how working with Red Circle has changed their lives for the better.

We hope their stories inspire you.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do." - Mark Twain

Chris and Linda, Leicestershire

Clients since July 2015

Being an accountant, there was always the temptation to think I knew all about my finances. But the reality is, as with many things in life, I needed proper advice!

Personal finances are not straightforward, and I needed expert help to look at my cash flows and work out how to fund the lifestyle I want. Additionally, I needed advice to ensure my funds are well invested, with returns carefully matched to the risks, all at a management cost which is value-for-money.

The initial output was a long-range, detailed financial plan, which we now update regularly, so that I know exactly where I stand. This plan gives me the confidence to only work part-time, in the knowledge that my finances will be sufficient to sustain my lifestyle. I’ve used the additional time to do lots of things, at an age when I can really enjoy being highly active.

David and Carole, Derbyshire

Clients since April 2013

As a retired businessman, it is essential that our future financial planning is in safe hands.

I was approached by many advisers during my working life, but Darren has always made us feel comfortable that he understands our needs and speaks to us in terms that we understand. We find the complexities of pensions, tax planning and investments very confusing, but Darren has explained everything at our level and helped plan our future in a personalised manner.

We have been very active since I took early retirement. We have fulfilled many of our ambitions, have an ever-expanding family and are looking forward to the rest of our lives. Darren’s sound advice, expertise and vast knowledge have given us the peace of mind that our finances are in safe hands and I would highly recommend his company.

Martin and Julie, Sheffield

Clients since November 2014

Retirement and starting your own business can be a daunting yet exciting time. You need professional financial advice and support.

In Darren Cooke we found the ideal partner. His enthusiasm, professionalism and sound advice have been vital to ensure we have had financial security and sound investments to help us fund both business and leisure activities. We have created an investment portfolio and taken out protection insurance.

We rely on Darren to protect our future; he is not a pushy salesman and explains our options in a straightforward and clear manner. We can thoroughly recommend him to business colleagues, friends and family, which we have done to their complete satisfaction. Indeed, in a very difficult period in our daughter and son-in-law’s life, Darren’s assistance has been invaluable in securing their family’s future by advising on a very timely critical illness insurance policy.

Monique and Laurence, Derbyshire

Clients since July 2014

When mandatory annuities became a thing of the past a few years ago, we decided to look into getting Self-Invested Pension Plans. We needed advice on how best to go about that, and we also felt we could do with help with our investment decisions. On top of that, we wanted to understand how much we would need for retirement and how far removed we were from that goal.

Darren’s approach ticks all the boxes for us; he is both brilliant at helping us define our goals and requirements, and at advising us on the most profitable investments. A rare combination of people skills and financial savvy!

Since working with Darren, our return on investment has been well in excess of what we would have achieved on our own. As a result, we’re much closer to achieving our pension pot goals than we thought. That, in turn, has provided us with a much more relaxed attitude towards work, and the confidence to spend on some long-wished-for home improvements.

Stewart and Marilyn, Derbyshire

Clients since May 2014

We have a complex situation regarding our pensions. We have lived and worked abroad for some years, so we needed Darren to sort it all out. He really knows his stuff and in a short while we were invested in schemes with significant increases in interest than we had previously received.

Darren has all the information at his fingertips and this really came to our aid when our USA income stopped overnight and we needed to get cash fast. The next day Darren came to our rescue. He showed us we had ample funds, which settled our financial fears. He arranged a release of some cash immediately and reorganised the ‘pots’ so the mortgage was paid off and a regular income achieved. We can now travel frequently, and Darren’s regular visits give us the confidence to enjoy our lifestyle, knowing that our financial future is safe in his hands. Thank you Darren!

Richard and Julia, Nottinghamshire

Clients since March 2015

I contacted Darren when I was about to take early retirement. What to do with lump sums and decisions on pensions appeared so daunting! Darren was amazing. He took my wife and I through our whole financial situation, recommended some great ways to invest and re-invest our money and now we are on course for a comfortable retirement. Indeed, the growth in our investments has actually enabled us to significantly develop our family business – plans that we had in 2006, but never thought that we would have the resources to complete. In today’s world, having the trust in someone who is managing and recommending my investments is very important. I’m so pleased that I have found Darren, as this takes away a huge anxiety when my family’s future financial stability is at stake.

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