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3 fantastic benefits of leaving a charitable legacy in your will

According to a report from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), in 2023, three-quarters of people in the UK supported a charity in some way. Whether you donate money, fundraise, or volunteer your time, you might want to consider how to extend your actions to create a charitable legacy in your will – and there could

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Making your present part of your financial plan could enhance your life

As financial planners, we often talk about the importance of working towards long-term goals and security. As part of your financial plan, you might be putting money into a pension for retirement or building an emergency fund to safeguard your finances if you experience a shock. Considering your long-term ambitions is often important for turning

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5 effective tips that could help you cut impulsive financial decisions

Impulsive decision-making can be useful in some circumstances. Yet, when it comes to finances, it could lead to choices that aren’t right for you and even harm your long-term financial security. Read on to find out how you could cut the effect of impulsive financial decisions. When you think of impulsive financial decisions, your mind

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4 cultures that could teach you about embracing older age

Growing older can pose many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that are not always best supported by the society you live in. While no one culture has perfected the rite of passage into later life, there are elements from different traditions that show how old age can be welcomed. Some regard it as a time

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